What if you could work way less while simultaneously earning way more?

You can, and I’m going to show you how.

I know, I know, I know…
You’ve heard it all before.

The time-for-money business model is dead, and if you’re really serious about increasing your income, you’ve got to figure out a way to scale your business.

From webinars and online courses to high-level masterminds and retreats, you’ve looked on as others have launched and profited from them all.

But being a holistic business owner or wellness practitioner, you can’t quite get past the belief that you need to be physically present — or at least working one-on-one — with your clients, to provide them with the kind of results that they want and deserve.

When it comes to scaling your business,

there’s good news and not-so-good news.


Here’s the not-so-good news…

If you’ve already built a successful one-to-one business, have a booked out holistic practice, or you’ve started your own business that you’re operating alongside your 9-5, taking time out to work on your business may feel pretty darn impossible.

On top of all that, blocking out the time you know you need for your own self-care makes you feel guilty, so if a client calls and says they need you, you drop everything and book them in.

After all, if you were to hold your ground and say “no” they could just as easily find someone else, right?

Ready for the good news?

It’s totally possible to scale your business while maintaining the intimate connection that you share with your clients when you work with them one-on-one.

Even better?

By creating a signature offer and working with just a handful of clients, you’ll serve at a higher level, make a more powerful impact, and create leverage in your business to give you the time and space that you crave for your own self-care.

Hi, I’m Laura Wieck.

As a transformational business coach for holistic entrepreneurs, I’m about to share my proven system for maximizing your impact, increasing your income, and putting yourself first in your business.

Not so many years ago, I was where you might be right now: overworked, exhausted, and on the brink of burnout.

At the time I was working as a massage therapist. I charged $75 an hour, but in reality, I’d spend an additional hour coaching each client or discount my sessions. As you can imagine, I was working every freaking hour that God sent, and then some.

My relationship with my husband suffered because I barely had the energy to get off the couch and enjoy our time together.

I was constantly stressed about money because the only way I knew how to make money was to add more physical work to my day (which made me want to rip my arms off and cry).

And I constantly preached ‘self-care’ to my clients, but didn’t have the money — let alone the time — to invest in my own.

At that point in my life, making money felt greedy, selfish, and out of alignment with my desire to help others.

Eventually, after way too many years, I realized something had to change, and fast.

Something magical happened…

I knew I would never change my reality unless I shifted my mindset, so I decided to pause, take a step back, and focus more on myself.

I took the leap of faith and invested in my first high-end program, as well as a mentor. In doing so, I gained, not only a new perspective on myself and how I could show up in my business but a tribe of people who lifted me up and encouraged me to be my best every day.

Within a few months, I hit my first five-figure month! Not only did my income double without my workload increasing, my clients started getting better results from my services as well. They valued me more because I was finally valuing myself and charging my worth.

With guidance, I figured out how to package my skills and create an online program. I hustled to learn the basics of hosting a webinar, announced my program, and made $16k in a week.

As my business continued to grow, I implemented all kinds of different strategies, always keeping my eye open for the next big thing. I ran Facebook ads, started a Facebook group, hosted live webinars, as well as my first live launch. You name it, I did it, and the results I had were great. I’m talking, $16K in a week kind of great! Pretty soon, my husband was able to quit his job and start his own business too!

But before too long, I found myself right back where I started.

What I haven’t told you yet is that the whole time that I was ramping up my online business, I was still seeing my massage clients as well. I guess my old programming of believing everyone else’s needs were more important than my own still had a hold over me, and I was terrified of letting clients down or abandoning them when they might need me most.

So there I was, working around the clock, seven days a week, refusing to let go of the belief that “work is hard.” If I wasn’t stood over a massage table or sat behind my desk, I was permanently attached to my phone; responding to emails, and scrolling my Facebook feed. And right after we finished our dinner, I’d get my laptop back out and work late into the night.

Secretly, I was a little intimidated by my own success, and was convinced that the bubble would burst at any minute.

Then came some news we weren’t expecting…

After months of trying and a bunch of tests, we visited our doctor who told us we might never be able to get pregnant naturally. As we talked the conversation turned to lifestyle, and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that to have our best shot at IVF, I would need to slash my working hours by half.

After leaving the doctor’s office that day, I took a big step back. I realized that I’d made things waaaaaaaaay too complicated for myself. I was doing #allthethings, and my clients were getting awesome results but at the expense of my personal time.

From that point on, I made it my mission to prioritize myself. I restructured my business, mapped out the high-end offer aligned with my gifts and talents, and shifted my focus to a quality over quantity mindset, so I could leverage my time while simultaneously serving my community.

And guess what? My income hasn’t gone down. In fact, it’s grown exponentially, and in the first few months of 2017, I made more than I did in the twelve months previous combined.

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s this…


The most self-less thing you can possibly do is put yourself first in your business.

Because when you put yourself first, your whole world transforms.

How different would your life feel if you had an extra 10, 20, or even 30 hours a week?

There are only 12 spaces available for this retreat and 4 of them were taken as soon as it was announced!

Apply today for one of the remaining spots!

“I’ve met a lot of coaches in my career,

Laura Wieck is someone who can guide you to real results.”

Mastin Kipp
#1 best-selling author and creator of Functional Life Coaching™

“Laura takes entrepreneurs to new-levels they didn’t even know existed for their business.

With her coaching you not only receive wisdom but also heart paired with science.”

Ali Rittenhouse
Award-winning Online Business Coach + Digital Marketing Strategist

“Laura’s brilliance lies not just in how she understands business or even holistic entrepreneurs, but how

she understands YOUR business and what you need to do to let people know how amazing you are.”

– Holly Whitaker
Hip Sobriety

I N T R O D U C I N G …

The Feel Good Business Program & Retreat


The Feel Good Business Program is a 12-week program for ambitious, driven, holistic entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to slash their working hours by half, double their income, and create businesses and lives that are truly aligned.

Each week for twelve weeks, I’ll deliver a new class that will encourage you to step back, assess what you really want from life, and create and launch a brand new offer that’s a reflection of your highest self.

And because I never want “I’m just not that great at selling” to be a reason for you not to stay stuck in your current ways of working, I’m bringing in guest teachers who will walk you step-by-step through how to sell over the phone, and write copy for a kickass sales page too.

And then, to truly give you the perspective you’ve been searching for in your business, we’ll all pause and come together in person in Laguna Beach, CA.

During our three full days together, you’ll have time and space to breathe and reboot.

Between the sessions where I’ll be giving you the tools you need to launch your new offer to the world, you can walk on the beach, lay by the pool, or curl up with a really great book.

Whatever your body is craving at that given moment, there will be spaciousness planned into our days to honor it.

The Venue

I learned first-hand how powerful environment can be to the transformational process.

Sure, we could do a stay-at-home virtual retreat, but there’s absolutely nothing like lifting yourself up, out of your usual surroundings, and purposefully disrupting your daily schedule with a new energy and a new view.

That’s why I decided to host your Feel Good Business Retreat at a luxury boutique hotel, The Inn at Laguna Beach.

Situated in the heart of Laguna Beach, you’ll be in the best possible location to:

  • Stroll to dozens of the best restaurants, shopping, and galleries Laguna Beach has to offer.
  • Stroll to ‘Main Beach’, one of Southern California’s most celebrated and historic beaches.
  • Explore the tide pools and see exciting sea life without having to get your hair wet.
  • Surf and paddle board in the beautiful Pacific.
  • Enjoy some of the best hiking and biking trails in Southern California.

The Retreat

October 31 – November 4

October 31

It’s entirely up to you what time you arrive in Laguna. If your travel plans allow, you’re invited to join me and the other participants at Cocktail Hour.

6pm – 8pm: Cocktail Party


November 1 & 2:

7am – 8am: Yoga & Green Juice

8am – 9am: Breakfast & Free Time

9am – 1pm: Morning Session

1pm – 4pm: Lunch & Free Time

4pm – 7pm: Afternoon Session

7pm onwards: Free time to explore beautiful Laguna


November 3:

7am – 8am: Yoga & Green Juice

8am – 9am: Breakfast & Free Time

9am – 1pm: Morning Session

1pm – 2pm: Lunch & Free Time

2pm – 5pm: Afternoon Session

You’ll leave Laguna calm, confident, and at peace…

knowing that you’ll still have another month of my support as you transition into living and working in a completely different way.

It’s time to trust yourself, follow your heart, and create a business that brings you flow and ease

There are only 12 spaces available for this retreat and 4 of them were taken as soon as it was announced!

Here’s how all the pieces of The Feel Good Business
Program & Retreat fit together…

MONTH 1 ::

The Best Use of You in Your Business

Month one of the Feel Good Business Program is all about nurturing the most important person in your business — YOU!

It’s time to implement simple structures and systems so that you can leverage your time, conserve your energy, and bring your natural superpowers to the fore, enabling you to serve others in a deeper, more transformational way.

By the end of month one you will:

  • Have found your business sweet spot and highlighted things you may need to let go of in your life and business.
  • Have set healthy personal boundaries and know how to enforce them, allowing you to serve your clients from a place of overflowing abundance.
  • Know how to make your anatomy and physiology work for you and your business so you stay healthy and dodge burnout.

MONTH 2 ::

Your Aligned Offer

With your foundation firmly set, month two is all about creating your signature program.

It’s time to gather up all your knowledge, skills, and experience and package them together into a unique transformational program for the people you serve.

By the end of month two you will:

  • Have mapped out your signature offer including its core value proposition and its promise, as well as its features and benefits.
  • Know how to confidently enroll clients into your signature offer.
  • Understand how to write sales copy that sells your offer with the power of the written word.

MONTH 3 ::

Your Unique Path to “Yes!”

Scaling your business should feel enjoyable and full of ease, which is why month three is all about creating a marketing system that supports your uniqueness and makes it easier to attract those amazing clients who are excited to say “yes!” to your signature offer.

By the end of month three you will:

  • Have a sales funnel mapped out that feels aligned with you, your personality, and your values.
  • Have the tools and resources you need to continuously attract a steady stream of new clients to your business.
  • Have built a marketing system that gives you the freedom to scale your business on your terms.

Expert Bonus Training


How to Sell Your Signature Program with love with Jennifer Jimenez

Jennifer Jimenez is a sales coach and consultant for small AND multi-million dollar companies, helping them achieve extraordinary sales success. Jennifer is a top sales trainer and coach for The Life Mastery Institute. She also owns a highly successful health and wellness coaching business herself, serving families worldwide, with a special division helping inner city families in greater Los Angeles.


A Sales Page That Sells with Hattie Brazeley

Hattie Brazeley is a British copywriter who has worked with some of the most prominent names in the online marketing world, including Mastin Kipp, Kimra Luna, Selena Soo, Carrie Green of The Female Entrepreneur Association, and me, Laura Wieck.

A strategic thinker and gifted collaborator, she understands the online marketing and course industry inside out and has created the copy for multiple six and seven figure launches.

Through her signature program, A Sale Page That Sells, Hattie helps entrepreneurs and business owners write words that make people want what they have.


Facebook Ads that Convert with Ali Rittenhouse

Ali Rittenhouse is a Business Coach & Launch Strategist. Over the past ten years, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs master their online domain—setting up functional & beautiful websites with sales funnels that convert, launching digital programs and products, sharpening systems and customer flow, and making their businesses tick, 24 hours a day.

In this bonus module, Ali is going to demystify Facebook Ads, and show you how to use them to extend your reach and promote your new signature program.


Uncovering Your Ordinary Superpower with Mark Henson

Mark Henson is a speaker, retreat leader, coach and author of the book ‘Ordinary Superpowers’. In this bonus training, he will help you uncover your ordinary superpower, which will allow you to engage more fully in your life and build your business in a way that is fully authentic to you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“This workshop has done more than just give me tools for my business. This has empowered me in my own life and allowed me to really break through some really deep seeded old, old stuff that has been holding me back. I feel like after working with Laura I can take that information and I feel like myself is bettered from the inside out and I know that’s going to impact my clients when I go home.”

– Erica H.

“When I found Laura, I had maxed out my time and I knew I needed to make a change. I was super excited about how [this program] would impact my business as a whole. That being leveraging my time, doing less for more. It’s an amazing program. I really encourage you to take the step, because honestly, your professional growth will never exceed your personal growth.”

– April C.

“‘Working with Laura has been phenomenal. The changes I’ve seen in myself and just experiences possibilities that I didn’t know were out there have changed me for the better. She understands what you’re saying. She has incredible insights. It’s life changing. If your heart is leading you to it – jump – do it. Commit to yourself. How many times do we do that for ourselves. Take action.”

– Terri B.

Throughout our 90 days together,

you’ll have my continued support

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every other week we’ll come together as a group on a Zoom call to talk about what’s been going well for you, and where you might need some further support.

This is your opportunity to get personalized coaching from me, to help you get the very most from the program.

Feel Good Business Program Facebook Group

There’s nothing I love more than to see the clients I work with getting results. If you’ve read my story, you’ll know that I’ve transformed my business many times over, and I know first-hand the resistance that you may face when you shift away from what you know and up-level.

That’s why I’m also gifting you three months access to a private Facebook group. This is where we’ll connect between our live calls. Expect on-the-spot coaching, feedback, and the answers to any questions you may have.

“I’m beyond words… What [Laura’s] done for me with my heart and my feeling about myself and what I’m capable of.

She’s got such a capacity to give and understand people, to get them where they are and to get them beyond where they need to be.

That is a talent that not many people have and her warmth and generosity are overwhelming.”

— Marie P.

“Joining Laura’s program has literally changed my life in my career, my job, in my personal life, and in my family.

If you want a change in your life, a change in your business and if you want to look forward to bigger, better, greater, wonderful, amazing things in yourself, your job, there’s no question this is where you need to be.”

– Tracy F.

“I see my business completely shifting being something very different from any other massage therapist business in town.

This makes me super excited and I’m ready to walk in my own path and invite others to come with.”

– Emily C.

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll in The Feel Good Business Program & Retreat

  • Twelve insightful lessons delivered live plus lifetime access to the call recordings ($7200 Value)
  • Group coaching calls ($4000 Value)
  • Three-day in-person retreat in Laguna Beach, CA* ($6000 Value)
  • Bonus Training #1 How to Sell Your Signature Program with love with Jennifer Jimenez ($1000 Value)
  • Bonus Training #2: A Sales Page That Sells with Hattie Brazeley ($1000 Value)
  • Bonus Training #3 Facebook Ads that Convert with Ali Rittenhouse ($1000 Value)
  • Bonus Training #4 Uncovering Your Ordinary Superpower with Mark Henson ($1000 Value)
  • Membership to a private Facebook community, just for Feel Good Business students ($2000 Value)


The Feel Good Business Program & Retreat has been independently and professionally appraised.

* Includes all tuition, lunches, and refreshments. Transportation and accommodation are not included, though a preferential rate has been secured for you with the hotel.

When you start putting yourself first in your business,
you’ll increase your impact, increase income, and help your clients get better results.

There are only 12 spaces available for this retreat and 4 of them were taken as soon as it was announced!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the investment for The Feel Good Business Program & Retreat?

Spaces in this program are offered strictly by invitation which is why you don’t see a “buy now” button like you do on many websites.

Once you complete your application, you’ll be invited to hop on an enrollment call with me. If you’re a great fit for the program, we’ll then talk investment.

When will the bi-weekly calls be held?

Starting from week one, our group coaching calls are typically held every other Monday. If, for any reason you’re unable to attend the live calls, you’ll have the opportunity to post your questions in the Facebook group. You’ll have lifetime access to all the call recordings so you can refer back to them again and again.

What are the dates for the retreat?

The next Feel Good Business Retreat will be held November 1st – 3rd, 2017. Day one starts at 7am therefore we recommend you arrive the night before so you are rested and ready to make the most of your tuition.

I’ll be hosting a Cocktail Hour for those that arrive the night before (October 31st) from 6pm – 8pm PT.

Is transportation and accommodations included as part of the retreat?

No. You are responsible for your own travel and booking your own accommodation. If you choose to stay at The Inn on Laguna Beach where the retreat is being held, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the preferential room rate that I’ve negotiated with the hotel on your behalf. You must book by September 22nd to secure your room at the preferential rate.

What about catering?

Each morning you’ll have yoga followed by green juice, and a delicious lunch will be served right after the morning session.

In the evenings you’re free to take a stroll out into Laguna and explore the many incredible restaurants that the town offers.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies and we will liaise with the hotel to ensure they are catered for.

Do I have to take part in yoga?

No, not if you don’t want to, although I highly recommend that you do! For ease, yoga mats will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

How do I get to Laguna Beach?

Laguna Beach is located within easy driving distance of John Wayne Airport Orange County ( SNA ), however you could also fly to LAX or San Diego and drive.

How different would your life feel if you had an extra 10, 20, or even 30 hours a week?

There are only 12 spaces available for this retreat and 4 of them were taken as soon as it was announced!


“Laura is such an amazing teacher, she is an incredible coach, she’s inspiring and full of energy and I feel like she gets you on such a level that you may not have been able to access before and she really helps to draw stuff out of you that you’ve always known is inside but she really brings it to the surface and helps you believe in yourself.

My business has grown so much since I started working with Laura and working with her has been life changing.”

– Carly Z.

“Working with Laura is fabulous. She is so personal, she is so friendly, and she communicates so effectively.

She’s helped my business go from lacking to thriving.”

– Marielle S.

“Laura helped me to understand that all the skills I have are good enough. The shift that needed to occur, needed to occur within me and how I communicate with my clients.

Through working with Laura, I have learned how to position my services effectively and, in turn, my business is booming!”

– Kimberlee M.

“Oh my goodness, working with Laura has helped my business in so many ways. She is just absolutely fantastic. I think the main thing that really helped me was that Laura had total faith and allowed space for me to find my solutions… to empower myself.

She is your girl if you are looking to work less and make more money and really find what lights you up.”

– Laurie W.